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My name is Jonita, Nita for short, I decided to create this space Β where I can just talk about stuff that interest me, a place where I can share experiences and just talk about everyday life. I’m a wife and mother of two teenage girls and a housewife, and no I’m not another bored housewife just typing away at a keyboard πŸ˜‰ I just want to share my experiences and maybe in the process motivate someone else or let people know that they are not alone and also to keep me motivate to continue on my journey.

So what can you expect to find on my blog. I’ll be chatting about everyday life, our LCHF lifestyle where I’ll share interesting articles I find, tips, progress reports, my favorite recipes and my food trackerand just about anything interesting. The site is still a work in progress so I’ll keep on changing it as I go along and learn more about WordPress, so please just bear with me πŸ™‚

Have a GREAT day!



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  1. Hi there, Love your blog. Love reading about you. I’m 54 and must admit that I am the typical sugar addictive, no exercise, snack loving, tube around waist woman – and I struggle to shred 5 kilo’s. Never mind my goal weight…… I am also demotivated once someone gives me a compliment……like they can see me loosing and I look great. I wear my fat well. That’s the problem. I don’t look 100 kilo’s. I think that’s also a huge problem. I love your blog and I am very determent to do something about this body THIS YEAR… thanx again. You are very inspiring. Oh and Im from Krugersdorp. X

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  2. Oh wow Nita, I just love the way you’ve introduced yourself, your blog and your intentions. So nice to finally meet someone who loves the journey they are on right now. Looking forward to chatting to all.

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  3. Nita I like your site thank you for sharing

    I’m going to try follow your way of banting.
    I started this lifestyle end November and did it much the same as you are , i lost 7kg and 2 sizes, then i was told i should be doing the Big breakfast so for 4 month i have stuck to it but the scale has not moved. And not much more on my clothes ether.

    I don’t see you adding extra butter etc …
    Do you take any vitamins ? I don’t

    Do you have any advices or suggestions for me

    do you snack ever ?
    (I don’t usually but if breakfast is 7 and dinner is 7 is I may get hungry in between )

    do you have spike days ?

    I see some breakfasts are only at 11 or 12

    I’m not giving up and I am quite dedicated to this way of eating.

    I am 57 years and not very active, don’t go to gym.

    I am on hormone replacement full histarectomy 18 years ago and on Loren for deprecian.

    I drink 1 1/2 liters of water a day

    I would really like to drop in size as well as be healthy .
    I have 50 kgs to loose



    And as u see I don’t spell well ether.

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    1. Morning Darlene, I’m a very dedicate banter and don’t get pulled into all the different Facebook groups that make their own changes to banting. I’m only part of Banting for Beginners and Banting for a Healthy Living as they stick to the Real Meal Revolution and the lists there in that was written by Sally-Ann Creed. I also work closely with a Banting Buddie that was trained by Sally-Ann Creed and who now is training other Banting Buddie and even banting shop keepers.

      I do add butter to most of my meals. I add about 2 tablespoons of good fat per meal but I might be needing less as I’ve been banting for a long time now and still have about 65 kgs to lose. I do take vitamin D3 drops as most people are deficient in it and I just started taking a magnesium supplement and I take Vit C when I remember too πŸ˜‰
      I try not too snack but when I eat my breakfast early I might feel hungry around 2pm then I’ll have like a seed cracker with butter and cheese. That’s why I’m trying to eat my breakfast only later in the morning. That’s intermittent fasting and very good for weight loss. I don’t believe in spike days and if I cheat like I did over Christmas I hate myself for days afterwards. I’m also not exercising at all, I want too but can’t kick myself into gear yet πŸ˜‰ Just private message me on Facebook if you need anymore advice I like helping πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Nita, I wanted you to know that I am featuring you and your strawberry chocolate mouse cake on my blog. Thanks to your great tip on using sesame seed flour, I created a couple of recipes and had to give you props πŸ˜‰

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  5. Hi Nita,cant express my gratitude about your blog. I’ve been praying for a meal planning simple like this. Im over 50kg overweight,am 55yr old,sick all over, hope this is my breakthrough. Thank u Jonita.

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  6. Hi. Thank you for sharing uour journey and recipes. If I may ask – please give an update on your journey – i find it inspiring and keeps motivated.


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