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Menu week 30 April – 6 May 2018

Good morning everyone 😉

So a new months has started and we are heading for the middle of the year like a train with no brakes 😉 May is a month with quite a few birthdays for our family and a Mother’s day thrown in as well.

This past Sunday was the first birthday and we had a family birthday lunch. On the menu was beef stew, chicken curry, rice, potato bake, peas & corn and desserts. So to keep to our lifestyle I made two pumpkin & feta bakes and two green bean & onion bakes and I also did another cake testing so we were covered for dessert as well. Sam, the girls and I had our veggies with beef stew and chicken curry and a big piece of cake for dessert, this was our only meal for the day.

We also went out for breakfast twice, once on the public holiday and the other time was on the day I went to renew my driver’s license. Now those in South Africa will know that doing anything at a state owned institution is a mission and it can take the whole day, luckily I was done in 3 hours’ time but tired and irritated afterwards so we went to have breakfast at Mugg & Bean and too boot I got the flu 😦 (and the flu made me miss parkrun). Not only is the food good at Mugg & Bean but you can make fairly “legal” food choices and off course there is the bottomless coffee 😉

OH, and regarding the cake, I’m not even going to try any other recipes, I’ve found the perfect recipe in Jeanette’s recipe. There will be another testing later on so I can get the perfect height for the cake and also to work more on my frosting skills.

That’s it from me for today 😉


I’m just going to post this here as a reminder for those who are reading my blog for the first time please feel free to scroll through all the past posts, I don’t always just post menus 😉 There’s also a few of my favourite recipe under the “Favourite Recipes” tab. I also share everyday on our Facebook Group, LCHF Fanatics, it’s easy for me to just quickly share a recipe or a meal invention or interesting articles and more over on our group.

Just a few things regarding my menus, I use small dinner plates with a dishing surface the size of a side plate, I hardly ever use normal sized dinner plates. I don’t add drinks to my menu as I just drink water or black coffee (mostly around meal times).


  • Breakfast (09h10) – Mugg & Bean, eggs benedict with low carb bread and not a muffin.
  • Lunch – Skipped.
  • Dinner (17h35) – Boerewors and curried cabbage.


  • Breakfast (08h30) – Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried tomato and leftover cabbage.
  • Lunch – Skipped.
  • Dinner (17h10) – Fish pie with mayo, spinach & mushrooms, roasted rosemary sweet potatoes.


  • Breakfast (11h30) – Mugg & Bean, toasted chicken mayo with sweet potato fries (low carb bread).
  • Lunch (13h50) – Leftover fish pie & spinach.
  • Dinner (17h45) – Quarter chicken, salad with avo and sauerkraut.


  • Breakfast (09h50) – Broccoli & mushroom quiche and bacon (only ate half).
  • Lunch (13h00) – Leftover breakfast and avo.
  • Dinner (17h40) – Ox tripe & veg soup.


  • Breakfast (08h50) – 1 Biltong egg muffin, bacon, fried brinjals and baby marrows.
  • Lunch (13h10) – 2 Biltong egg muffins.
  • Dinner (19h00) – Chicken stir-fry.


  • Breakfast (10h05) – Fried baby marrows topped with chicken livers.
  • Lunch – Skipped.
  • Dinner (17h35) – Oven roasted veg and pork chop.


  • Breakfast – Skipped.
  • Lunch (13h00) – Veggies with beef stew and chicken curry and a big piece of cake for dessert.
  • Dinner – Skipped.Week 30 April - 6 May 2018

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