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A few of the secrets to our success

These are in no particular order.

Making the mental shift

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Before we started we did a LOT of research and I believe that this has helped us in making a “mind shift”. We needed to change the whole way that we thought about food and about what we perceived has healthy and unhealthy foods. And once we got over that hurdle of we don’t need bread, potatoes and pasta to survive we saw a whole lot of other possibilities. Change your mind about food and your half way there!

Planning and preparation


Since day one I knew that I would need to plan ahead to make sure that everyone stays on track. If my husband and I was going to lose the plot the girls will stumble as well. So I started by planning a week’s menu ahead. This not only insured that we eat correctly but it also assisted with making sure that I had all the right foodstuffs available for every meal. Some meals can be prepared in advance and this will make it easier for working people. I’m lucky enough to be at home all day, although I also do have schedules to keep and time constraints. And I even sometimes take a day over a weekend and prepare some meals ahead for the week. I prepare breakfast ahead most of the time to save me time in the mornings as my girls take their breakfast to work and school. It might take a whole day to prepare a week’s freezer or fridge meals ahead of time but it will make your week a lot easier.

Doing it as a family


One of the remarks I read the most is that it’s difficult to eat low carb in a house where people eat carb and sugar. I really have sympathy with these people. I truly believe that a big part of our success is the fact that we are doing it together. There’s never any illegal foods in my house so there’s no temptation around. I also feel that doing this together has made us a closer and stronger family. We build each other up and share in victories and disappointments and we keep each other motivated. So get that family on board it will be so good for their overall health.

Commitment & Accountability

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First off you only need to be accountable to yourself! To make this big a change in lifestyle you need to want to do it for yourself. Staying committed is what will keep you on track, without a commitment it will be easier to be tempted to step of the path. And if you do stray your commitment must be strong enough to pull you back, it is way too easy to stay of track once you falter.  Accountability really helps me to stay on track, things like posting my photos of my meals and even photos of myself, sharing my weight loss or gains, all these things make me accountable for my actions. So make that commitment and accept accountability for changing your lifestyle and becoming a healthier happier you.

Educate yourself

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The more information you get the better choices you can make. Not all of us understand all the scientific stuff behind LCHF, believe me I don’t, Sam sometimes has to explain things to me. But we all have a mind and by reading new and even old information we have the ability to think for yourself. We are always taking the word of people we believe are expert so easily like for instance a GP. Now I’m not saying don’t believe your GP but there is constantly new information and science available and not everyone is up to date on everything and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years it’s that no one knows everything. You have the right to an opinion and to ask question especially if you don’t agree. So read, read and read some more.


So take the leap and take your life back, change your lifestyle, it’s never too late.



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