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Three years and counting…

So on the 1st of June we reached our 3 year Banting milestone and yes, it’s a really big milestone for us. Never in my life would I have predicted that we would have been able to stick to a diet for that long…Oh wait, it’s because this isn’t a DIET!

We truly follow a low carb lifestyle, even if there has been a few slips along the way, we are LOW CARBERS. When we started I was hoping for good results and that we would be able to stick to a diet so very different to what we were used to eating and what we were “told” that we should be eating. Well we were and are still amazed by the results.

After we took the initial leap into the unknown I calculated that in 3 years’ time I’ll be at goal weight, well that hasn’t happened yet but I am not discouraged. Some people lose weight a lot faster than us but I now feel that it will take as much time as needed, it took me 20 years to accumulate all the weight I had so I can sure as heck wait a couple of more years. After my choice of eating carbs and sugar over Christmas it has taken me 6 months to drop the weight I picked up and it feels like I’ve wasted 6 months of my progress but once again I’m not giving up. I’m motivate and determined to do much better.

This time to show our progress I’m not going to use numbers, I’m just posting the photos and let them speak for us. One thing I will say is that even though our numbers didn’t look so great the past year if I compare then (from a year back) and now photos there is still a difference to be seen.

Let’s start with Sam, as he is the MAIN man 😉 His numbers is up and down the whole time because of his heart condition, he retains a lot of excess water. But come on…just look at this photo I think he looks AMAZING. And the big bonus is his health improvements, although his condition is irreversible we have been able to keep him out of hospital the last few years and that’s a big bonus for us. We are still very careful and take care so he doesn’t catch any bugs or virus, as that’s really bad for him but this lifestyle change has played a huge role in managing his health.


Now it’s the Mamma’s turn, I have changed so much the past 3 years and sometimes I don’t recognize myself. Even strangers who see my ID photo don’t want to believe it’s me. Except for my gout, asthma and autoimmune disease I’ve never been diagnosed with any serious illnesses but I’m sure with the lifestyle I lead there must be some. For me there’s just been so many positive changes that it’s hard to name them all. Apart from the physical changes there is also the emotional and mental changes. Those of you who have read my previous posts will know all about my weight struggles. I used to be a bit of a recluse and extremely private mainly due to the way people treated me. Now I’m so open especially about my weight (the good and the bad), I post photos of myself without thinking twice, opening up myself to other’s criticism. Let’s just say the way I feel now, even though not always the best, is SO much better than 3 years back and that’s what motivates me the most to just keep going.


It’s the girls’ turn and man-o-man am I proud of these two. Although their weight loss hasn’t been massive and they are struggling a bit, they look and feel a heck of a lot better than before. The simple fact that they adapted to a total new way of eating and thinking about food is a HUGE accomplishment in itself. I can just image what strangers might think when overhearing our girls speak about food in stores and so on. They look at labels and won’t eat processed foods. Occasionally they will have something “illegal” when out with others but they always try and make the best choices.

So now you are all caught up with our progress and although we aren’t losing as fast as other people I do believe that is why we will keep the weight off and keep on improving our health. Don’t let other people upset you by losing weight at a faster pace, people are all different and I think the four of us is proof of that.

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