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How has losing weight changed/affected me?

So how have I changed, one of the biggest changes…I don’t shy away from a camera anymore. Previously I hardly ever let anyone take a picture of me and now there’s photos of me all over my blog, Facebook, a magazine and some websites. I feel proud of what I have accomplished and wish to share and inspire others.

I can finally have a comfortable bath 😉 and buy clothing that actually fit like my jeans and pants with zippers and no elastic waists and that beautiful dress I bought for Christmas. I can stand and iron or cook or just stand for hours at a time, I can walk and walk and walk. I feel healthier, happier and more confident. Yes, people still look at me and make comments, when this happen I just feel like walking up to them and shaking some sense into them and tell them about all the weight I have lost.

Where I used to be VERY private I now share so much of myself with people on social media and my blog something I would NEVER have done before. Yes, I know there is a risk to this as I’m opening myself up to judgement but I’ll handle it if and when it happens. One negative point with being so open and honest with stranger is that if I fail everyone will be there to witness it, so it’s a lot of pressure. I still have a lot of my old demons playing master over me but it doesn’t make me feel as helpless as before. I can now image myself doing all those things I could never do before, I can see myself planning a future, dreaming again and looking forward to the future (good or bad). Once you stop dreaming things get pretty dark in your life.

It feels great to actually get a proper hug from someone as they can reach around you. Sam can now hold me tightly against him and his hugs are the best. All the attention to my weight loss sometimes do get a bit much for me and make me more self-conscious. When this happens I just think of the people that will be inspired to try and change their lives and if I can give them hope then I’ll take the risk of putting myself out there in the public eye.

Getting back to clothing before I lost the weight, I wore the biggest, most lose fitting clothes I could find and I had the biggest handbags. And now, I don’t like baggy clothes at all, I need something with a shape not just square and I don’t want my BIG handbags anymore. I feel smaller so I want smaller things 😉

Am I suddenly super healthy? No, I’m not but I believe I will get there. Years of neglect and damage can’t be fixed in a few short years. When I hear of someone struggling with their weight or seeing someone struggling I just wish I can talk to them and share with them how LCHF has changed my life.


2 thoughts on “How has losing weight changed/affected me?

  1. I’m so glad gratefull to you for doing this U don’t even know me but u set yourself out there to be judged and focused on. I’ve been fat since I can remember. Had a bf in highschool but he were weird arty, did diggings on bottels etc, never 1 kissed, it made me sad because I started working and never been kissed. Even though I were Ntvl athlete and Main Goal Ntvl I were fat. If I go into a store to buy clothes I don’t stroll around. I directly ask them what is biggest size. Not to search for something I wount find. Being this big is my jail~sentence. Thank you so so much$

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