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Living in a morbidly obese body – Part 1


The next three blog post will be very personal, I’ve decided to split it into three parts as not to bore you too much 😉

Part one will focus on the physical restriction I had and have while living in a morbidly obese body. What I discuss and share here will be my own views, opinions and personal experiences and not scientific information.

Most normal weight people or even just slightly overweight people don’t really understand what we go through as a morbidly obese person. Things that seem like normal every day activities or just normal movements to most people can be really challenging to us bigger people. For me every movement every step I took caused me pain. When playing with the kids sitting on the ground wasn’t too bad except for my feet and legs falling asleep but the moment it’s time to get up from the ground that’s the mission. Just imagine how it must feel for a morbidly obese person to lift their weight (+150 kg) from the ground, I promise you it’s not easy. Another big challenge was bathing, I could not fit into a normal bath so I always had to shower and if I could fit there was just no room to move around and then once again there was the struggling of getting out of the bath.

I can understand how most morbidly obese people become reclusive, it’s not easy feeling every stranger in your vicinity staring at you or making ugly comments. When visiting someone you need to be so careful on what chair you sit as you don’t want to break their furniture. Buying furniture like couches or a bed the first thing you think is “will it hold my weight?” Going shopping with someone in the back of your mind you are visualizing the building layout thinking of ways to bypass the stairs, NOT because you are lazy but just because your back and knees can’t handle climbing up those stairs, climbing down is much easier. Even shopping around for a motor vehicle your first priority is ‘How easy can I get in and out? Will the safety belt fit around my body?’ We had to have extensions made for the safety belts in one of our cars otherwise we couldn’t buckle in.

Before I chose LCHF and changed my life normal everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, ironing all those things were too much for me and my back just couldn’t take that weight anymore. When ironing clothes I had to sit down on a chair while doing it, prepping food I sat at the dining room table and then only stood when the cooking process started. Being morbidly obese your life become very restricted and some cope better with this than others.Then there’s the whole issue of finding clothes that fits you, most women have no choice but to wear men’s clothing and even men’s shoes as those are more readily available in bigger sizes. Joint pain becomes part of everyday life and I had to use a lot of painkillers and medication like Citro-Soda.

One of the worst feeling in the world is when in your spirit and in your heart you feel like doing things you like but physically it’s just not possible, like dancing I used to LOVE dancing. And yes you learn to adapt to all your limitations but it’s never easy and it does take a mental and physical toll on us. You keep pushing yourself every day to do more and be better but deep down you feel like there is no hope.

I’m not writing these post so you can pity me, NO, I’m writing them to help others understand better so they won’t be so quick to judge. Stay tuned for part 2, the psychological implications of living in a morbidly obese body.


11 thoughts on “Living in a morbidly obese body – Part 1

  1. I certainly know where you’re coming from. I have been on both sides of the weight scale. I was thin most of my life until I hit age 40. When I was young and thin I loved being outdoors. I played sports, rode horses, hiked, always on the go. Then after 40 I started gaining weight. My back and legs hurt so bad just from the work I do. I think of all the things I want to do and realize how much it will hurt the next day. I rarely shop for clothes because it’s so discouraging. It’s almost impossible to find anything that fits right and I can just forget about finding anything cute like I used to….being short doesn’t help either. If I find something that fits my waist I have to cut off 6 inches of pants leg and hem them. For some reason clothing manufacturers think us big people would look good in something with a huge flower print. I hope I can be as successful as you are because I want to get outside more and do the things I love with my grand kids.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Doris I know it’s not easy to talk about these things. You made me smile a bit too as my pants are way too long as well. I do get discouraged some time but I don’t ever want to go back.


    2. I have that problem too Doris,it changed when I found Hayley Joy’s in Dunkeld shopping center,first time I actually wanted to buy clothes instead of the distress I feel everytime I go to the mall.Her clothes are not cheap but they fit well and last and she will make it to fit you if you ask her


  2. You brought me to tears!!! We judge so easily and think they people want to look the way they do! I don’t think anybody wants to be obese, and suffer daily. I take my hat of to you and your family, you are truly our inspiration to better our health. Stay strong!

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  3. Interesting viewpoint! I’m at the low end of the morbidly obese spectra, and have experienced some of the things you mention. My wife is heavier than I am and has had even more problems with her back and joints and moving around in general. We’re both trying to get healthy and lose some of the weight now, and so far it’s actually going okay.
    Thanks for the interesting post, I hope you will post more 🙂

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