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Banting week 87

Monday, Monday, Monday…here we go 😉

I’ll be posting two menus this week as I didn’t post last week. So here’s the first post.

We had a very good trip to the Fresh Produce Market this week and got some nice veggies at a good price. We had to buy bulk so there was a lot of chopping and freezing to be done, this saves us money even though we prefer fresh veggies above frozen veggies.

I’ve started switching from drinking coffee with cream to drinking black coffee. I’m doing this just because I want too and to save a bit of money on the amount of cream we use, cream is really expensive in our area, we normally pay R48 per liter. Sam and I had breakfast at our favorite coffee shop (Hava Java) on Friday as we went out looking for meat suppliers with good prices, we weren’t successful in this venture but did find a few month end specials at some of our regular shops. Saturday morning we had some shopping to do with the girls and then went out for lunch, we all had a main meal and some sparkling water, simple with no other temptations. It’s so much easier eating out when it’s just the four of us as we can stick to our lifestyle.

We always work on a strict budget so I have decided to keep a very accurate log of all our food expenses for the month of February so we can see exactly what we are spending our money on and then we can see where we can cut back a bit or what we can buy less off. I’ll give feedback on this next month.

We are still enjoying our own Facebook group, -LCHF- Fat Lovers Corner, please feel free to join 😉

That’s it for today, chat again tomorrow 😉


  • Breakfast (10h40) – 3 Spinach egg muffins, fried tomato, 2 pieces of bacon and coffee with cream.
  • Lunch – Skipped
  • Dinner (17h40) – Beef burger on a bed of coleslaw, tomato, cucumber, fried onions, topped with 2 fried eggs and BBQ sauce. Black coffee.


  • Breakfast (10h00) – 2 Mixed pepper egg muffins, 2 pieces of bacon, fried zucchini and black coffee.
  • Lunch (12h30) – Bread-in-a-mug with butter and cheese.
  • Dinner (17h30) – Biltong salad and black coffee.


  • Breakfast (08h00) – 2 Biltong egg muffins, fried cabbage with spring onion, tomato & bacon bits. Black coffee.
  • Lunch – Skipped
  • Dinner (17h30) – Fried spinach and cabbage topped with liver/Boerewors in a tomato & onion sauce. Black coffee.


  • Breakfast (09h45) – Leftover liver with butter/Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon & zucchini. Black coffee.
  • Lunch – Skipped
  • Dinner (17h30) – Beef Lasagna with brinjals layers. Black coffee.


  • Breakfast (08h30) – Beef patty, fried mushrooms, halloumi, 2 fried eggs, tomato and onion. Coffee with cream.
  • Lunch – Skipped
  • Dinner (17h30) – Grilled cheese wors (legal), half a brinjals, fried pepper/tomato/onion mix. Black coffee.


  • Breakfast – Skipped
  • Lunch (12h00) – Steak, spinach and pumpkin and sparkling water.
  • Dinner (17h15) – Mug cake. Coffee with cream.


  • Breakfast (11h50) – Yogurt, granola and a small peach cut into slice. Coffee with cream.
  • Lunch – Skipped
  • Dinner (17h15) – Roast chicken pieces and roast vegetables.

How To:

  • Biltong egg muffin: Makes 12. Beat 12 XL eggs and season with salt & pepper, add 100 grams of biltong powder (fine biltong) and mix well, add 2 handfuls of cheddar cheese and combine. Divide into muffin pan and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes.
  • Mixed pepper egg muffins: Makes 12. Chop one yellow, green and red pepper and place into prepared muffin pan. Beat 10 XL eggs and season with salt & pepper, pour over filled muffin cups (don’t overfill them). Top with a little grated cheese and make at 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes.
  • Beef Lasagna: Cut brinjals into thin slices, we use a mandolin. Fry some beef/chicken/pork mince and season as you like. Make some cheese sauce or other Lasagna sauce. Layer the brinjals, mince, sauce and cheese and bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until golden on top.
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