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My book review on THE LOW CARB CREED

I promised that I would post a book review on The Low Carb Creed (LCC) when I was done reading it, well here goes…

First thoughts on receiving the book was purely cosmetic off course. It’s a very good looking book, very neat in its white cover and striking green foil printing on the cover. It has a soft cover and the inside flaps, front and back, can easily be used as a place marker. Flipping through the book the first time what you see is very neat and easily readable printing, a very pleasant layout throughout with lovely photos. All the information provided are in short, clear paragraphs that is easy to understand and straight to the point no long winding page or explanation where you get totally lost.

Now to the content of the book, it covers a wide variety of topics all relating to the LCHF lifestyle which ever one you are following or thinking of following, there’s a nice overview of the different low carb lifestyles out there. The book starts off with a brief history on LCHF, the “Creed” basically the principles/rules to abide by. Some more interesting chapters included cover the fundamental principles, food coverage including new more comprehensive food lists. Portion sizes, protein and fat consumption all are covered in great details as is explanations why certain foods are not allowed and in fact just why they are bad for us even when they are low carb. Every question you might have on the subject of a low carb lifestyle will be answered in this book.

One of my favorite chapters is “Myths and Misconceptions” –  here subjects like sleep and stress are covered (for those who have read more of my blog posts than the meal menus will know that this is two subjects I have a real issue with). Another is “LCHF Nuts and Bolts” -here you’ll read more about supplements, super foods, troubleshooting, and food lists and there’s also meal plans.

Then we get to the food. Here you’ll get a chapter on some basic cooking techniques. I see a lots of questions asked by people starting on LCHF and one of those is “How do I cook my food?” That question gets answered with these great techniques. Then the recipes – they are easy, uncomplicated and affordable with no fancy other worldly ingredients and they will fit right into everyday eating, special occasions or gourmet cooking. I’ve tested two of the recipes when the book was in the planning stages and both of those are now family favorites and I’m definitely going to make more of the recipes in the book.

So my conclusion on The Low Carb Creed, it is a book that’s clear, precise, informative (even for a 2 year LCHF follower like me), a great reverence guide to keep on hand, enjoyable and it will make a great additions to any low carb follower’s collection.

For anyone interested in ordering The Low Carb Creed just email



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