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Banting week 66

Here I am with this week’s menu blog post 🙂

I’m a bit busy so have to cram this in now or else I won’t get a chance. Our phone lines where down for most of last week so that meant no internet so my blog had to wait even though I had another post all done and ready to be posted.

This week’s menu is pretty straight forward and there won’t be a “How To” section as I have nothing to add.

Saturday was “Braai” day again and we overdid the protein totally. And Sunday…well it was just a terrible day. Firstly I’ve been looking forward to going to a new “Big Farmers Market” for weeks now and once again it was a total disappointment. There was no farmers or fruit and veg or any produce stalls to be found anywhere. So with our day out being a bust we decided to stop somewhere for a Sunday lunch, the manager where kind enough to swop out rice and potatoes and pudding for us and gave us extra veggies. It all looked pretty nice but my O my was the veg loaded with sugar. Suffice to say our blood sugar spiked through the roof and 3 hours later we felt terrible and hungry so in jumped Ninette and made us a proper meal. So we are never going to do that again.

Have a great week everyone and remember to make the better choices 🙂

Monday: Meal 1 (10h30) – Scrambled eggs, 2 rashers bacon, fried baby marrows and coffee with cream. Meal 2 (17h30) – Pork rashers, cauliflower/broccoli mash, pumpkin and coffee with cream.

Tuesday: Meal 1 (8h00) – Fried spinach, 3 rashers bacon, eggs fried in pepper rings. Coffee with cream. Meal 2 (17h30) – Beef stew with brusselsprouts and carrots. Coffee with cream.

Wednesday: Meal 1 (8h00) – Scrambled eggs with fried cabbage, peppers & mushrooms, bacon and a seed cracker with butter. Coffee with cream. Meal 2 (17h30) – Gem squash filled with mince and topped with cheese and added butter. Coffee with cream.

Thursday: Meal 1 (8h00) – Spinach and mince omelette with cheese and coffee with cream. Meal 2 (17h30) – Chicken stir-fry with spinach, cabbage, onion, tomato, mushrooms, brinjals, peppers, baby marrows, 2 small carrots. Coffee with cream.

Friday: Meal 1 (8h00) – A breakfast scramble with leftover chicken stir-fry and 2 seed crackers with butter. Coffee with cream. Meal 2 (18h00) – Banting pizza with bacon bits, peppers, mushrooms & spring onion. Coffee with cream.

Saturday: Meal 1 (10h00) – Fried cabbage, spinach & bacon bits topped with 2 fried eggs and coffee with cream. Meal 2 (19h00) – Braai and a green salad and mushrooms cooked on the grill with garlic butter.

Sunday: Meal 1 (12h00) – Roast chicken, pumpkin, green beans, carrots, creamed spinach. Coffee with cream. Meal 2 (17h00) – Beef mince with mixed vegetables. Coffee with cream.

Week 29 Aug - 4 Sept


2 thoughts on “Banting week 66

  1. Once again I’m inspired by your defication and committment. Well done! Stay strong on this journey! I baked a batch of lovely banting rusks. We start our morning with 1 rusk and coffee every morning, that sustains us till 10:00. I must add – we are on maintenance and banting for health, not for weight-loss.

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