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To spike or not to spike

Yesterday the topic of spike days came up again on one of the Facebook groups I belong to. And so I decided to do my blog post today on this topic. All I’m about to say is just my own personal opinion about the whole issue.

Now I tried a lot of diets and I’ve even been on a diet personalized just for me by a registered dietitian. Needles to say nothing has worked, I also did the cheat day thing in my numerous attempts to lose weight. And it was a disaster it started out with a cheat day once a month, soon it was once a week and before I knew it I was done with the diet. That’s because sugar and food is an ADDICTION, you won’t quite heroin except for that one day a week, would you?

That’s what makes LCHF so different from other diets, it truly is a lifestyle change. In the past 14 months I didn’t have that feeling that I need to have a cheat meal, yes there was a lot of temptations and there will always be, but there never was one day that I said to myself “Today I’m going to have junk food or cake or sweets”.

Why would you work hard for a whole week to eat correctly and feeling great (as there’s not all that sugar and processed junk floating around in your body) and then mess all that up with one spike day? Yes, life happens and there will came a time when you just have to eat the meal you are given or an occasion pops up where you will eat a normal meal, but that’s where the difference comes in, that meal will happen and it will be done but to actually plan for a whole day of cheating ahead of time. Each week you will look forward to that ONE day and that won’t heal your addiction to sugar and food. No, I think that is a recipe for failure and I know that because I’ve been there.

Just image the shock your body went through from the withdrawal from carbs and sugar, now just think about the shock your body will get once a day every week if you start eating all that stuff again. So some people say “Well my weight loss has stopped and a spike day is going to jump start it again”, I won’t do that I don’t believe it’s good for our bodies to go through that constant stress. Why not try something else like increasing your fat intake a bit or increasing your good carbs a bit instead of staying below 25 g net carbs, that’s what I will do.

But like I said this is my opinion and everyone has the freewill to decide for themselves, just as I have. I’m just not prepared to comprise the progress I’ve made this far and I won’t abuse my body anymore than it already has been.

PS. I added a few more recipes, check in again as I might not be posting a blog post but I might have added a new recipe or two 😉


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