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How we got the girls on LCHF?

Everyone is always struggling to change the eating habits of their kids, well I don’t know if we were just lucky but it wasn’t that hard to convince the girls to go LCHF. After we made our decisions to change to a low carb lifestyle we sat the girls down and explained to them what we decided on doing, our reason for doing it and then we explained, in as much detail as possible, what it would entail. We let them ask questions as they were trying to wrap their heads around this HUGE change.They were really quite excited about the whole prospect, like I said before I think the bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of boring cereal might have been the motivation 😉 We also explained what they could expect in the next couple of week the irritability, mood swings, cravings all those things associated with withdrawal from carbs and especially sugar. We made a promise to each other to be more patient with one another as we knew this was not going to be easy for any of us. And we cleared out all the carb foods and all the sugary stuff so there won’t be any temptation for any of us.

Luckily the girls was already used to not taking lunch to school so I didn’t have the problem of packing lunchboxes. Every morning I got up earlier and made them a good cooked breakfast with lots of healthy fats, we also did a bullet proof coffee (BPC) in the mornings, it helped to keep them full and it upped their fat intake. I believe that’s what helped us in the beginning to go straight from eating 3 meals a day and snacking in between to only 2 meals a day. After a few weeks we dropped the BPC completely as we didn’t need it. Since we started in 2014 the views on BPC has changed now they have it as a meal replacement and they add raw eggs as well. So I’m glad that we dropped it and that we are having real food instead.

So back to the girls and how tough was it for them to adjust while with friends at school or visiting each other. When offered something to eat from friends at school they just said no thank you and they told their friends about their lifestyle change and I must say all of their friends has been so supportive this past 14 months. They are so amazed about how the girls have changed and don’t put any pressure on them to eat the wrong stuff. When the girls visit their friends the friends always wants to know what they are allowed to eat and what not. But we always tell them to eat what’s on offer, as it is only good manners, and to make the best choices. I make sure to let them have a high fat meal before hand as then they won’t be hungry and eat too much of the wrong stuff and they sometimes take a bottle of soda water with for them to drink otherwise they just have water or in extreme cases (like a school trip)they can have a diet soda. If they need to take snacks to friends I always get them biltong (it’s like beef jerky just better) and nuts to take with.

It’s so second nature for them now, that it’s not even an issue anymore. They’ll eat a piece of cake at a birthday party or a bit of popcorn at a movie, totally their own choice, but they’ve learned that the wrong foods make them feel ill the next day and they always complain about how sweet the cake was. They are old enough to make their own decisions and they won’t do anything to compromise their success as it has changed their life completely.


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