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Let’s jump to the present

So I’ve decided to jump to the present this morning and get everyone caught up with our weight loss progress so far. Once we are all on the same time frame it will give be the freedom to discuss whatever I feel like and not having to worry about the chain of events.

So we are in our 14th month of low carbing and it’s been quite the journey. Like all journeys there’s been ups and downs, but more about that in another post. Sam has lost a total of 38.8 kgs, I lost a total of 54.3 kgs, Ninette lost a total of 26.9 kgs and Bianca a total of 35.5 kgs. The centimeter loss is what really makes a big difference, I’ll be working on a table of comparison just to show how our weight fluctuates and also the differences from person to person although we all eat the same food.

Me & YouThe Girls - Then & Now

The first photos was take in December 2013, six months before we started, the second was taken June 2015. There you go now we all now where we started and where we are now. Now we can get on with much more interesting stuff 😉

I’m waging a war again this morning against WordPress, trying to figure out how the post things in the correct place and all that. But after a bit of a struggle I’ve posted my favorite Banting Bread recipe, this is always a hit with the family. I’ve decided to bench the Food Tracker for now maybe when I’m a bit more handy with WordPress I’ll re-visit the idea. Have a good day all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let’s jump to the present

  1. Congrats! So nice to see how all of you were able to do is as a family. This is what we did. Although our teenage son isn’t very consistent. Would love to hear how you got the girls to join you.


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