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A weekend full of surprises.

So it’s Sunday afternoon and “Where has the weekend gone?”, this always happens when I decide to sleep in a bit, the time just run away from me. It’s been a busy weekend for us. The youngest, Bianca is turning 16 on Tuesday and as it’ll be a school day we celebrated on Saturday.

On Friday had to run around and get stuff to bake her a Banting/LCHF friendly birthday cake and had to get to the hairdresser (a trip that was sorely needed by three of us) 😉 Once home the baking started, we decided on something else this time, so I baked her a Zesty Orange Cake (it has a syrup and not frosting) and a Peppermint Tart. I had to make the caramel and biscuit layers for the tart from scratch, both came out very nice and I’ll definitely make them again with a few tweaks here and there (the tart was way to sweet for our taste) 🙂

Saturday we took her and a few friends along with my sister, brother-in-law and kiddies to the local casino and entertainment venue where there’s lots of fun and games for all. Needless to say everyone had loads of fun playing laser games, riding a 4D roller coaster and go-karts. And for the first time since we started our LCHF journey I allowed my girls to eat the same food as all the other kids. And believe it or not Sam and I made do with what was available and actually had a nice meal with veg and meat the only bad thing was a bit of garlic sauce (don’t know what the ingredients was), it was actually a schwarma but we opted for just the filling.

Then came the first surprise, I have two half-sisters that I’ve only seen once when they were in high school. The youngest is 10 years younger than me as we where eating outside by a picnic table someone called for me and as I turned around there was my youngest half-sister. I couldn’t believe my eyes, we’ve been chatting a bit over the last couple of years on Facebook and instant messages but to see her there was a total shock and great surprise. We hugged each other like for ages, took a picture of all three the sisters together and later on chatted for a bit. Maybe one day I’ll tell you all about my family history but for now just know that it was a very precious moment for me.

After the events on Saturday my sister and brother-in-law came over for a braai. My sister is really my best friend and they also started on their own LCHF journey and seeing as she is also starting to lose weight her pants are getting bigger and she brought me 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs on jeans. So I tried them on on Sunday morning and “surprise no. 2” I could fit into them, a size 26. Over the last couple of years I had to make my own pants as I couldn’t find any that fit me and all my pants have elastic waistbands otherwise I can’t wear them. Now for the first time in 18 years I’ll be wearing pants without elastic waists and with zippers in front.

So yes, two small surprises made life a little better for me and just gave me another boost to make myself and my life better. I love and appreciate my family so much and without Sam, Ninette, Bianca, Liz and Neil my life would be like an empty void. And maybe that void will get even smaller with new found family 🙂


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