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Our world doesn’t need cruel people

Hi everyone, I know I’ve been quiet far too long, my goal is to post something everyday. Things just ran away with me a bit. I’m still trying to figure WordPress out and I’m busy creating a logo for my blog. Today I’m not going to talk about our families LCHF journey but rather about… Continue reading Our world doesn’t need cruel people

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The Big Change

So where did the idea of this lifestyle change came from, the Internet off course, well all the information that is. An acquaintance posted on the internet that he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and he spoke about Professor Tim Noakes and this LCHF lifestyle that can help with Diabetes. So I started googling and… Continue reading The Big Change

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The Beginning Of Our Journey

Good morning Wow, can’t believe the school just started and the kids are already getting test and exam schedules. For me I’m struggle to get myself motivate to do stuff that needs to be done maybe it’s because I’ve been sick the past few weeks and there’s just so much going on BUT I’ll get there… Continue reading The Beginning Of Our Journey

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First Post

So here goes my first blog post. Today the new school term started and like everyone else I’m sure, I really didn’t look forward to getting up in the dark and early hours of the morning to get everyone ready for the school day. And that after a night where I just couldn’t sleep my… Continue reading First Post